Course Name: Firefighter II (PILOT)
Log Number: FIRE-201-A025-2022
Class Start Date & Time: 02-21-2022 at 08:00
Class Location: Ocean City Fire Department Headquarters

This course has prerequisites. You must provide proof that you have met all prerequisites to the MFRI LESRTC Office sponsoring this course.
Prerequisites: The prerequisites for this course are MFRI Firefighter I


MFSPQB, NBFSPQ, IFSAC or DOD/IFSAC Firefighter I certification.

A minimum of one year experience as a Firefighter I is suggested before enrolling.

Enrollment restricted to Ocean City FD members only

(Please use complete legal name as shown on your photo identification, for example: Joseph Jay Smith)
(Example: 07-20-1969)
(Example: 123-45-6789)
SID Number available from NFA
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(Example: 20742)
(Example: US)
(Example: 301-226-9900)

If your agency is not listed in the list above and you do not work for a commercial ambulance service, please select "Unaffiliated". If you have any questions about the registration process please contact the MFRI LESRTC regional office. Contact information can be found at:


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  3. and / or any federal or state agency (Maryland or other) with authority to certify, regulate, and/or fund EMS programs and personnel;

MFRI Course Acknowledgement Statement:

  1. I acknowledge that any fraudulent entry may be considered sufficient cause for rejection or subsequent revocation from this course.
  2. I understand the University of Maryland is not authorized to provide travel, medical, or health insurance for students. I maintain appropriate insurance on an individual basis. I will check my department's insurance policy to determine if I am sufficiently and appropriately covered.
  3. I understand that this registration is not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and the University of Maryland.
  4. I affirm and declare that I am physically and mentally fit to perform all tasks within this course.
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MFRI Operations Rules and Regulations:

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Resources to be Issued to Student:

  • FIRE 201 (PILOT) - Essentials of Firefighting, 7th edition edition, November 2018 edition Price: \$73.95

Please check the box to acknowledge that you understand that you are responsible to either return any books or other resources provided by MFRI for this course in usable condition or to pay for those materials. If you have not returned the materials or paid for them at the completion of this course, you will not receive your grades or credit for this course. Even if your sponsoring agency has agreed to pay for your materials, you may be held responsible for payment.

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