Course Name: Fire Investigator
Log Number: FIRE-134-R003-2022
Class Start Date & Time: 03-07-2022 at 08:00
Class Location: MFRI Headquarters
Class Fee: $1750.00

This course has prerequisites. You must provide proof that you have met all prerequisites to the MFRI SPS Office sponsoring this course.
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. It is recommended that students be active members of a fire investigation unit.

Attendees MUST be those personnel currently assigned the responsibility for Fire Investigation within their jurisdiction. Standard "work" clothing to include, head protection, safety shoes, eye protection and gloves are required for hands-on sessions. Class "A' Uniforms or Business attire is needed for moot-court class sessions. Please bring a Laptop Computer or other device. Also, a current resume or CV is needed.

(Please use complete legal name as shown on your photo identification, for example: Joseph Jay Smith)
(Example: 07-20-1969)
(Example: 123-45-6789)
(Example: 8811 60th Avenue)
(Example: College Park)
(Example: MD)
(Example: 20742)
(Example: US)
(Example: 301-226-9900)
(Example: Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department)