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 Advanced Disaster Life Support - ADLS (NDLSF) [ Top ]
  Instructional Hours: 16.00
Reg. ClosedEMS-321-S001-2019Start Date: 05-30-2019
Time: 08:00
End Date: 05-31-2019 (Subject to Change)

F/SaMFRI Headquarters
 Advanced Life Support Skills for Instructors [ Top ]
  Instructional Hours: 12.00
RegisterEMS-243-S001-2020Start Date: 08-03-2019
Time: 08:00
End Date: 08-04-2019 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 07-14-2019
Sa/SuMFRI Headquarters
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - TECC (NAEMT) [ Top ]
  Instructional Hours: 16.00
 More Information
RegisterEMS-308-S008-2019Start Date: 05-14-2019
Time: 08:00
End Date: 05-15-2019 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 04-25-2019
Tu/WMFRI Headquarters

For additional information or for assistance with registration please contact the MFRI Advanced Life Support Program Office at 800-275-6374 or send email to: