Strategy And Tactics For Initial Company Operations (NFA)
Old Course Code: STICO

Instructional Hours: 16.00

Course Objective: To develop the management skills needed by the Company Officers to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to discuss the scientific method; describe the primary size-up factors and determine their impact on objecŽtives and strategies and analyze the command sequence action planning cycle; select and deploy the approŽpriate hoselines to accomplish fire confinement, exposure protecŽtion and fire extinguishment; select appropriate ventilation, rescue, support and overhaul tactics based on principles and tactical conŽsidŽerations; and identify the principles of water supply and tactics using municipal sources, static sources and portable sources, fixed fire suppression systems, and salvage. br>
Course Description: Major topics covered in this course are the analytical size-up process, the scientific method, variables, making decisions, establishing objectives, evaluating primary factors, and the comŽmand sequence action planning cycle; fire confineŽment, exposure protection and fire extinguishment; rescue operations, ventilation practices, incident support operations and overhauling tactics; water supply, fixed suppression systems and salvage operations. Methods of instruction include lecture, discussion, audio/visual material, individual activities, small group activities, demonstration and simulations..

Successful Completion: Students must attend all class sessions and complete required classroom activities.

There are no prerequisites for this course.